New York Union Bullies Student

The  United Federation of Teachers (New York state affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers), has bullied a parent and parent group pushing for reform in New York City school PS 106.  It appears the principal and  is taking the union side of the issue.  Now parent Mona  Davids must protect her own son from harassment at school.  Teachers in the Empire State are required to join or support a labor union in order to get or keep their jobs.  Even in other monopoly bargaining states, the forced dues clause must be negotiated into each and every school district and contract.  In New York, the state legislature has conveniently bowed to teacher union power and passed a law requiring every school district force teachers to join or pay up.  The story appears in the New York Post.

Mona Davids, head of the reform-minded New York City Parents Union, is a major thorn in the side of the teachers unions. So the unions and their allies in the city school system are striking back.

Last week, a state judge rejected (for the second time) a motion to dismiss that suit — and the union empire struck back by moving to push her and her allies off her son’s school’s Title I Parent Advisory Council, which oversees how the principal spends nearly $1 million a year in funds. The parents had been questioning use of the money to pay two teachers-union offices to be “floaters” in the school.