Ohio Teachers Suffer From No Right To Work Law

Since 1983 Ohio teacher have had to either join a teacher union, or pay forced dues in support of those unions.  Here is another example of how teacher union officials force teachers into paying dues against their will.

Teachers who would like  more information about their rights under the law, or resign, should contact the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation for free legal help.  The Foundation recently won a lawsuit challenging the way dues for politics percentages are calculated.

If Ohio had a Right to Work law, Ohio teachers would be free to join or refrain from union membership, and being forced to pay dues against their will.  Jade Thompson joined nonunion professional educator group, Association of American Educators (AAE), which provides her with the professional services she needs. without the politics.  She could not tolerate the fact that the Ohio Education Association (OEA) was forcing her to pay for their materials attacking her husband.   Jason Hart has the story in watchdog.org.

For Jade Thompson and thousands of her fellow educators, working in a public school means funding Ohio’s biggest left-wing advocacy group.

Thompson, a high school Spanish teacher in Marietta, has to pay the Ohio Education Association and its affiliates $600 per year to teach. Almost $200 of that goes to the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the National Education Association.