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Dem Candidates Dodge Teacher Union Issue

Both Senator Clinton and Senator Sanders ignored the question of teacher union power in last night’s debates.  Perhaps that is because they have both accepted forced-dues contributions from both the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.   Anderson Cooper served as the moderator for last evening’s presidential candidate debate on CNN.

COOPER: Secretary Clinton, you’ve been endorsed by two of the biggest teachers’ unions. There’s an awful lot of great teachers in this country. It’s an incredibly difficult job, one of the most difficult jobs there is but union rules often make it impossible fire bad teachers and that means disadvantaged kids are sometimes taught by the least qualified. Do you think unions protect bad teachers?

CLINTON: You know, I am proud to have been endorsed by the AFT and the NEA, and I’ve had very good relationship with both unions, with their leadership. And we’ve really candid conversations because we are going to have to take a look at – what do we need in the 21st century to really involve families, to help kids who have more problems than just academic problems?