Side view of a yellow color bus with children

Union Bosses Sue to Keep Records Hidden

Teacher and bus driver union officials have sued the Cherry Hill, Colorado district in order to keep disciplinary records hidden.  The local 9News tv station requested the records after there have been more than 15, 000 school bus accidents in the past 5 years. Kevin Vaughn has the story on KUSA 9News Online.

As part of its examination of more than 1,500 school bus wrecks reported in Colorado since 2011, 9Wants To Know had sought disciplinary records for drivers from 21 districts who were involved in crashes that were deemed by police to be their fault and that resulted in injuries.
The Cherry Creek School District was one of four that refused to release those records.

After attorney Steve Zansberg appealed on behalf of 9NEWS, district administrators relented this week and decided to release the records. However, the Cherry Creek Transportation Employees Association, which represents bus drivers, and the Cherry Creek Education Association, which represents teachers, sued the district to block the release.