Proposition 30 Hurts Californians

California Teacher Empowerment Network President and CEAFU Key Leader Larry Sand will make you glad you’re not a California taxpayer. His most recent expose reveals California teacher union officials
latest scheme to squeeze more money “. . . to pay back schools for devastating cuts. . . ”  Check out the story on unionwatch.org.

Four years ago Californians voted in Prop. 30, a “temporary” tax, to pay back schools “from the years of devastating cuts.” But as I show here, there was hardly any devastation; in fact, our spending had continued to be quite robust.

But, the Beholden State teachers unions are trying to get an initiative on the 2016 ballot that would continue the higher income tax through 2030. (The sales tax increase would expire as scheduled.) Earlier this month, California Teachers Association president Eric Heins told the union’s State Council that “…we need to gather 900,000 signatures to get our measure on the ballot. We are about 60 percent there, and we only have about three more weeks.”