Teacher with schoolgirl playing piano in music class

Sweet Deal for Teacher Union Officials

Teacher union officials continue to pour more forced dues into school board elections in order to expand their power by having both sides of the bargaining table on their side. Apparently voter apathy and ignorance has contributed to this phenomenon as well as the overarching teacher union power.   Beth Hawkins has the story in the Los Angeles School Report.

Welcome to the new normal, where six- and even seven-figure school board campaigns have become commonplace. There were million-dollar-plus races two years ago not just in big cities, but in the kinds of bedroom communities where it’s usually only the PTA parents who can name their board members.

Not only is education as controversial within the body politic as anything else, the insulation long ago gave way to insularity. The two-thirds of registered voters who don’t have school-aged children may get the relationship between a levy referendum and their home’s value, but they often don’t track district happenings.