Larry Sand: Tax Freedom Day and Teacher Union Power

CEAFU Key Leader Larry Sand finds a correlation with teacher union power and a later Tax Freedom Day (TFD) in the California Policy Center.

 In 1900, Tax Freedom Day was January 22nd, but is now April 23rd. This date is a national average; in some states it’s earlier and others later due to varying state taxes. So while #1 Mississippi celebrates TFD on April 5th, #50 Connecticut’s citizens don’t stop forking over their income to the government until May 21st. At that time, workers can get to keep the money they earned. (The unions, of course, don’t have to be concerned with TFD. Nationwide, they take in about $14 billion yearly, frequently by force, and don’t have to pay a penny in tax. As 501(c)(5)s, the unions have a special tax exempt status with the IRS that is accorded to Labor, Agricultural, and Horticultural Organizations.)