NEA’s Ramps Up Animosity Towards Charters

Whether it makes a difference to anything other than National Education Association (NEA) teacher union policy or not, it is interesting that this new resolution on charter schools comes just after the Los Angeles Unified School District elections where charter school advocates and freedom-loving parents upset the entrenched, union-backed school board members. Mike Antonucci has the story in Intercepts. As usual his prediction about the outcome of the report was right on target.

The National Education Association board of directors unanimously approved a new policy statement on charter schools that will be presented to the union’s representative assembly in July for ratification.

The statement was crafted by a task force appointed by NEA president Lily Eskelsen García last year. At the time I wrote, “Whether that policy will be more hostile or less has yet to be determined, but I know which way I’d bet.” And, in fact, it is much more hostile.