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Teacher Union Official Claims Charter School Broke the Law

A Massachusetts charter school is in hot water, according to the local teacher union president who has brought questionable charges after voting against letting the school continue as a charter. Why are teacher union officials even allowed to vote on whether a school continues to be a charter school or not?  Does the school board have any say in the decision, or do teacher union officials run the district?  Check out the story in the Eagle Tribune.

 Silver Hill has remained a public school, enrolling students through a blind lottery system. Silver Hill has not been provided a Level 1 or 2 ELL Teacher on staff (like many other Haverhill public schools) in their annual school budget, so again, it would be against the law for students with that particular service need to come to Silver Hill without a program in place to meet their needs. Not all elementary schools in Haverhill have a Level 1 or 2 ELL program. Most students with need for those particular service