Double Dipping on Dues

As if New York teachers were not burdened enough, having to either join or support the New York City United Federation of Teachers, teacher union officials, by way of the Department of Education (at taxpayer expense) are “double-dipping” union dues deductions.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Union representatives don’t seem to be able to tell teachers the truth about the dues disposition.  David Cantor and Maria Nicosia have the story in the 74million.org.

It won’t buy a river view, but many New York City teachers and other school staff will receive a hefty paycheck this week, part of the back wages they’re owed for two years when they worked without a contract while other municipal workers enjoyed raises.

They won’t entirely be made whole, however, because their union, the United Federation of Teachers, deducts dues from retroactive pay even though it took out their annual dues for these same years at the time — a practice that dissenting members in the UFT described as double-dipping.