How Much Is Forced Dues?

Malcolm A. Kline has some revealing comments about the New Jersey Education Association’s top union official in Accuracy in Academia.  New Jersey Education Association Executive Director Ed Richardson reported an income of over $1 million in salary and benefits on the Association’s Form 990. How much of that comes from teachers who are forced to pay dues to the NJEA?

“So, when Ed Richardson, the executive director of the state’s largest teachers’ union, was asked by the IRS to disclose his compensation in 2015, he came clean,” Tom Moran wrote in the Newark Star Ledger. “He listed it as $1.2 million in salary and benefits.”

“You can look it up on the union’s 990 tax form, which all non-profits must disclose. It’s on Page 2 of Schedule J, in black and white. he same page shows that it’s basically a free-for-all at the union’s headquarters in Trenton — compensation for the top five NJEA officers averaged $764,000 in 2015.”