UTLA Pickets for Power

United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) are picketing over the District’s budget. Sympathetic board member Richard Vladovic claims they believe the district has more money or is not spending it correctly.    With such a sympathetic board member it’s no wonder teacher union officials believe they can run rampant  over the budget.  Mike Syzmanski has the story in

LA Unified urgently needs a sit-down with union representatives to make sure everyone is on the same page about the budget before the district falls off a fiscal “cliff,” longtime school board member Richard Vladovic said at Tuesday’s board meeting.

“Our labor partners see the budget differently from the way we do, and I would like to see the chief financial officer talk to our labor partners. Because when I talk to labor partners, and they may be right, they say we have more money than we say we have or we don’t spend it correctly,” said Vladovic, who celebrated 50 years in education this year and is serving his third term on the board.