Strike Flu Spreads as Does Fear of Janus Outcome

Mike Antonucci reports on the strike flu which has spread from West Virginia to Oklahoma to Arizona to California.  Teacher union officials are making a silk purse from a sow’s ear, with careful framing of their issues, throwing in lots of community and feel-good rhetoric.  Teacher union officials use strikes because they produce the results they want, straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook.  And they cleverly frame the issue so that their members will believe it’s in their best interest to strike, regardless of consequences.  Teacher union officials have turned the rhetoric up full volume, scaring teachers into believing the very future of public schools depend upon a strike.

Strikes inconvenience the public so they will buckle under and give the radicals what they want. Strikes rob teachers of their professionalism, and teachers who cross the picket line can be fired, or physically harmed and intimidated.  Students, of course, are the biggest losers, as their trusted teachers teach nothing but outstanding lessons in selfishness.  Students are deprived of an education, to say nothing of the taxpayer and parents who are paying for the strike in their taxes. Here’s the LA School Report story.

SEIU Local 99, which represents some 30,000 LAUSD education support employees, is currently holding an all-member strike authorization vote. The polling ends Friday, March 23. The results should be known shortly after.

“A yes vote means we’re fighting to make sure the District values our work and negotiates in good faith. A No vote means we’ll take the 2% [the district has offered],” reads the union’s Facebook post from March 13.