7 out of 10 Gold Medal Schools are Charter Schools

U. S. News and World Report’s Best High School Rankings for 2018 include 7 charter schools. Charter schools are often not unionized. In fact, most teacher union officials oppose charter schools. And many allow teachers more say in their working conditions and how the school is run compared to public schools. Charter schools address students’ needs more efficiently than many public schools. It is also interesting to note all but one of the schools is in a Right to Work state.  Josh Hafner has the story in USA Today.

The annual list published U.S. News, which ranks everything from institutions of higher learning to cities and entire states, looks at “nearly all” public high schools in the United States — more than 20,500 in all — to sift out the best with an eye on college readiness.

“Top-ranked schools succeed in three main areas: exceeding expectations on state proficiency tests, offering challenging coursework and graduating their students,” Anita Narayan, managing editor of Education at U.S. News., said in a statement.