California Teachers Association Ramps up Political Activity

Increased political activity in the wake of the Janus decision was expected, as it is the most effective way for teachers and other unions to make the most of their clout no matter how much it may diminish.  Mike Antonucci has the story on how the California Teachers Association is hoping to maintain at least some of their power by political activity in the LA School Report.

The 325,000-member teachers union is spending the summer devising strategy to help elect Gavin Newsom as governor and Tony Thurmond as state schools superintendent, as well as maintain friendly majorities in the state legislature.

With the resignation of Los Angeles Unified board president Ref Rodriguez, CTA and its affiliate, United Teachers Los Angeles, can also be expected to be heavily involved in the race to elect his successor. A victory in the campaign for the District 5 seat would give the unions a majority friendly to their interests.