Hyperbole on Steroids in Wake of Janus

As usual, Mike Antonucci turns his gimlet eye to the most overwrought headlines about the Janus decision on eiaonline.com

The Janus ruling bans public sector unions from charging agency fees to non-members in the 22 states that had allowed them. It has zero effect on the private sector, and only indirect effects on public sector unions in 28 states. Reading these, one might think that the entire space-time continuum had been held together by the payment of agency fees.

1) “A Future Without Unions Is a Terrifying Dystopia

2) “Why ‘Janus’ Figures to Juice Income Inequality in America

3) “A Dagger in the Heart of Workers and Our Democracy: What’s Behind the Janus Court Ruling

4) “SCOTUS Ruling For Janus V. AFSCME Crumbles Labor Unions

5) “The Roberts Court Protects the Powerful for a New Gilded Age

6) “The assassination of the American union

7) “Local Top Democrat: Janus Ruling Puts Unions In Danger Of ‘Mass Extinction’

8) “Will ‘Janus’ Prove to Be the Fatal Blow That Unions Have Long Feared?


9) “Are Unions Facing the Eve of Destruction? Supreme Court Outlaws Agency Fees in the Public Sector


10) Janus v. AFSCME : Will Ending Mandatory Dues Kill Public-Sector Unions?


That’s an awful lot of angst over the welfare of a private enterprise which, in the case of the National Education Association and its affiliates alone, receives about $2 billion in annual tax-exempt income.