Teacher Unions Do Not Equal Quality Education

Despite the recent furor over #RedforEd, teacher union officials and members running for office,  and teacher union boasts about how their membership has rallied since the Janus decision, apparently the public is not satisfied.  A USA Today poll conducted by Ipsos, finds the public does not equate teacher unions (or teacher union  membership) with quality education.  Esmerelda Fabian Romero has the story in the 74million.org.

Thousands of teachers across the country have walked out of classrooms this year to demand better wages and more school resources, and Los Angeles could very well be next. But a new nationwide poll shows that support for teachers doesn’t necessarily translate to their unions.

The poll, conducted by USA Today and Ipsos Public Affairs . . . [found] fewer than half of the 2,000 respondents believe that unions improve the quality of education. And a solid majority — 66 percent — believe unions make it harder to fire bad teachers.