Indianapolis Education Association Members Leaving

The teacher who blew the whistle on Rhondalyn Cornet, the Indianapolis Education Association president accused of embezzling over $100,000 in union dues, won’t come back to the union until it elects a new president.  Dylan Peers McCoy has the story in

Teachers in Indiana, protected by a Right to Work law since 1993, and the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation-won Janus case, can resign their membership at any time.

Founded in 1976 by Indianapolis school teacher Jane Ping, Indiana Professional Educators provides an alternative for independent professional educators in Indiana.

The whistleblower whose tip led state teachers union officials to uncover the mishandling of more than $100,000 is asking for a new election for leaders of the Indianapolis Public Schools union.

In an email to state teachers union officials Saturday, Lora Elliott called for a new election for leadership in the wake of the resignation of the Indianapolis Public Schools union president last week. Elliott, who is in her 25th year as an educator with Indianapolis Public Schools, is credited with raising concerns to state leaders about mismanagement in the district union over the summer but said she waited months to hear whether the state union was investigating.