Union Organizer Requests Correspondence Remain Private

Cory McCartan, organizer for the Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers, requested his communication with management not be made public.  We wonder why?  Grinnell Collect President Raynard Kington refuses to bargain with union organizers until a full appeal is reviewed by the National Labor Relations Board.  Kathy  A. Bolten has the story in the Des Moines Register.

Grinnell College officials have rejected a bargaining proposal from the school’s student workers union and reiterated that they won’t negotiate with the group while an appeal is pending before the National Labor Relations Board.

Raynard Kington, Grinnell’s president, dismissed the group’s request. College officials have “concluded that we legally cannot bargain or discuss a framework agreement with (the student workers union) while our appeal is pending before the NLRB,” Kington wrote in a response that was posted on Grinnell’s website.