Denver Teacher Tells it Like it is

Chyrise Harris agrees that Denver teachers went on strike, but she also refuses to spout the teacher union line that the strike, “is all for the kids.”  On  All views and opinions expressed here are strictly her own.

Moments after Gov. Polis declined to intervene in the impending Denver teacher strike, the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) took to Twitter to make their own announcement.

I actually applaud teachers for collectively arguing for a fair and quality salary.  I was quick to support them last spring when they marched to the capitol for fair funding for their students. And unlike 53 percent of voters who rejected Amendment 73 in November, I did more than honk my horn while passing teachers who gathered on street corners to promote the now-defunct $1.6 billion tax increase to fund schools. But as the seasons have changed, so has the union’s real reason for abandoning classrooms.