For LAUSD Teachers The Future May Not Be At All Rosy

The title of Lance Izumi’s opinion piece says it all:  LAUSD teachers should exercise their Janus rights, not follow their union off a fiscal cliff.  Writing in the Los Angeles Daily News about the recent Los Angeles Teacher Union’s latest and greatest strike spectacle, warns teachers and  the public exactly what  Alex Caputo-Pearl and his minions have wrought with this strike.

Despite the recent settlement of the Los Angeles teachers strike, mostly in the teacher union’s favor, the deal largely ignores the shaky financial realities of the school district. While the union crows about its apparent victory, the potential fiscal disaster should make teachers consider leaving the union, not rallying around it.

In addition to a 6 percent raise for teachers, the settlement deal includes more staff at schools and a cap on class sizes. Yet, the district’s finances mean that the deal is built on quicksand.