The Real Story Behind the Kentucky Teacher “Sickouts”

Teacher unions are under enough pressure to maintain a good reputation since last year’s Janus decision.  Keeping a low profile so they are not blamed for Kentucky’s recent rash of “sickouts” and protests at the Capitol means they have to get creative.  Like using politicians to carry their water.

Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis has asked for the names of all teachers participated in the massive “sickouts” which have shut down Kentucky schools again and again.   And democrat gubernatorial candidate Adam Edelen is calling for the Education Commissioner do the same.  It should be noted Edelen has accepted donations from both the Kentucky Education Association and the Jefferson County Education Association, where many of the teachers who protested come from.   Phillip M. Bailey has the story in the Kentucky Courier-Journal.

Lewis raised eyebrows Thursday by asking 10 different school districts, including Jefferson County Public Schools, for the names of all teachers who have participated in the massive “sickout” protests that have swamped the state Capitol and shut down classes.

The education chief specifically wants “any and all affidavits or certificates of a reputable physician stating that the employee was ill or caring for an ill family member on the day(s) the employee called in sick,” according to an email obtained by the Courier Journal.