Kamala Harris Puts Faith in Teacher Unions

This is no April Fools Day trick.  Of the approximately 18 presidential candidates, only one seems to have thrown her lot in with teacher union officials, probably in hopes of getting a tremendous boost from the millions they spend on electing “union-friendly” candidates, and the advantage of a ready-to-march army of volunteers.  Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris appears to have been educated by teacher union officials.  Check out the story on flypaper by Erika Sanzi at the Fordham Institute.

Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris must have been one of the people AFT president Randi Weingarten was referring to when she said on C-Span, in the context of the 2020 hopefuls being “eager for the teachers’ backing,” that her “phone had rung a lot” because Harris has quickly morphed into a union mouthpiece. The language is so familiar it reads like the same old script. Students are nowhere to be found in her comments, parents are absent from her tweets, and learning outcomes don’t even get a single mention.