Larry Sand on Teacher Union Political Activity Part 2

Larry Sand takes a piercing look at presidential candidates courting the teacher union vote.  And money coffers.

Kamala Harris has been saying some very radical things, and given the times, should be considered a serious contender. In March, she claimed the U.S. is facing a teacher pay crisis, using the bogus claim that public school teachers earn “11 percent less than professionals with similar educations.” To address the situation, which Harris asserts is “creating disastrous consequences,” she is proposing to provide the average teacher with a $13,500 raise with states being forced to add $1 to the pot for every $3 the feds throw in. Then she warmed the cockles of every unionista heart in April when she said that, if elected, she would use her “executive authority” to ban right-to-work laws. This is especially wonderful news for the teachers unions because in Janus v AFSCME, the Supreme Court ruled that teachers and other public employees did not have to pay a union as a condition of employment. So it seems that Harris plans to turn SCOTUS into a subsidiary of the executive branch. To further expose her totalitarian tendencies, she has also promised to roll back the Second Amendment, thus negating part of the Constitution by fiat.