Teacher Freedom Poll Reveals the Truth About Teacher Union Membership

Teachers just do not know or understand their workplace rights.  Please, pass this along to every teacher you know!

If you are curious about why more teachers have left their union after the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation-won Janus decision last summer, it’s because they are afraid to lose benefits, and because they just plain don’t know they do not have to be a union member and still keep the job.  Do your part.  Educate your fellow teachers.

Teacherfreedom.org just released a shocking poll which details the extent to which teachers are unaware of the choices they have with regard to union membership and workplace rights.

The poll reveals:

  • 52 percent of teachers still don’t know they can leave the union without being required to pay fees
  • 46 percent think they will LOSE one of the following if they leave the union: their negotiated agreement, pay raises, health insurance, tenure, or seniority
  • 22 percent have re-evaluated union membership in the past year

Don’t wait any longer than you have to.  If you are interested in more information on your workplace rights as a teacher, please visit our website myjanusrights.org.