Palmetto State Teachers Association

South Carolina is one of 7 states which do not allow or tolerate collective bargaining.  There is no exclusive representation so no teacher is forced into unwanted representation against his or her will.

Classroom teachers make up 90% of PSTA’s membership. The majority of PSTA’s staff members have also been classroom teachers at some point during their careers.

Professional Philosophy

The teacher’s first duty is to the child.  Every student has the right to a quality education, free from strikes and other work stoppage tactics.  We believe that the control of the schools should remain in the hands of the local elected school boards.  We are opposed to collective bargaining as it pits teachers against administrators and is not in the students’ best interest.  We believe educators should have the right to join a professional association without being forced to join a national labor union.

No National Affiliation

You do not have to join a national organization in order to be a member of PSTA.  None of your dues go to a large national union – money collected is used on PSTA goals here in South Carolina.

Politically Responsible

PSTA does NOT endorse candidates or give to political fundraisers.  We encourage our members to become politically active personally. Our registered lobbyists and members work effectively with ALL members of the South Carolina legislature and other elected officials.

Individually Focused

PSTA is a group of professional educators who care – with PSTA your voice is heard.

What sets PSTA apart from other organizations?

  • Priority on Children
  • Focus on Education
  • Professionalism
  • Association Choice
  • Reasonable Dues
  • Respected in the Legislature