West Virginia Education Association To Sue Over Charters

This time a strike did not have the intended outcome, which was to block the passage of a bill allowing charter schools in West Virginia.  So West Virginia Education Association teacher union officials are preparing to sue the state over a bill that allows three charter schools to be established every year in West Virginia until 2023.    West  Virginia has 57 school districts, and 755 schools.  That means one out of every 19 school districts could establish a charter school every year.   Three charter schools a year is hardly going to put union-dominated public schools out of business in the Mountain state.

Anthony Izaguirre has the story in the StarTribune.

 A sweeping West Virginia GOP education bill that allows the creation of charter schools violates the state Constitution, according to a teachers union that plans to sue over the legislation.

The West Virginia Education Association released a statement Wednesday saying it has sent a formal letter notifying the attorney general of their intention to sue.re returning.