A Bit of Irony, or Just a Matter of Control?

Chicago Teacher Union demands “sanctuary” provisions in some charter school contracts, while at the same time, demand “curbs” on charter schools.  What?  Did I read this right?  Yes, you did!  The secret answer:  Teacher union officials have always been out to control who enters, stays and leaves the education field, so they only want CHARTER SCHOOLS THEY CAN CONTROL.  Camille Ericson reports on the sanctuary situation in the chicagoreporter.com in April, 2019.

In addition to demands for more special education resources, higher wages and smaller class sizes, the contract agreements settled in both strikes with Acero and CICS include “true sanctuary school” policies, enshrining protections for undocumented students and aiming to give all students a safe and culturally appropriate environment to learn in., after striking at three different charter networks.