Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana

The Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana (A+PEL) is the premier educators’ organization in Louisiana, advancing A+ teachers as career professionals. By focusing on professional development, teacher advocacy and excellence in education, we empower Louisiana’s youth for future success.

Priority on Students

A+PEL is committed to providing students the best possible education in a safe and uninterrupted environment while emphasizing student achievement and character development.


A+PEL believes all teachers should be free to take control of their own career, negotiate their individual compensation, and make their own decisions about how to use time, resources, and methodologies.

Educational Excellence

A+PEL’s emphasis is on educational excellence. Education should aim to improve a young person’s character as well as his or her intellect.

Freedom of Choice

A+PEL believes educators should be free from all forms of compulsory membership and endorsements – freedom of or from association is essential to each individual.

A+PEL’s Objectives

To maintain a close organization of the teachers of Louisiana for the welfare of the student population, to bring about greater utility of action, to advance the ideals and standards of the teaching profession, to secure conditions necessary for the greater efficiency of schools, and to inculcate thereby the democratic way of life.

A+PEL was formed in 1987 to provide Louisiana teachers a truly professional organization. Our primary purpose is to empower teachers who embrace similar views on education in Louisiana and our nation. We believe teaching is a PROFESSION. A+PEL supports and enhances the recognition of educational professionals throughout the state of Louisiana. Our organization believes in providing relevant professional development opportunities for educators in educational as well as leadership skills to make Louisiana a better place for teachers to teach and students to learn.