Union Discipline and Crossing the Picket Line

Unions have various subtle and not-so-subtle ways of “punishing” those they represent (members and nonmembers) when these workers choose not to go the union way.  National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation Vice President Patrick Semmens, offers advice on how teachers who have become disillusioned with their membership can protect themselves.  Cole Lauterbach reports on teacher who cross the picket lines in The Center Square.

Amid teacher strikes across the state, some teachers have decided to go back to work before their union reaches a deal and could face fines or other punishment when classes resume.

Since mid-September, there have been seven teacher strikes in Illinois. Two of those are still going. In that time, hundreds of teachers have crossed their unions’ picket lines to return to work. What happens to them when the union later reaches an agreement with the school district?