Will Teacher Unions be Subject to Labor Disclosure?

As you may know, all unions which represent private sector workers must file a disclosure report with the U. S. Department of Labor, pursuant to the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA).   Many teacher unions are not subject to the NLRA because the represent only public sector workers.  However, if a union represents as many as one private sector worker, that union must file an LM report with the Department of Labor.   Otherwise, the union would be overseen by state laws.

The implications here are very positive for everyone.   Union members, along with the general public, will be able to see exactly how much teacher unions spend, on whom and on what.

Mike Antonucci  explains the situation in Intercepts.

 Because the Chicago Teachers Union chose to merge with its counterpart that represented charter school employees, the union now has to file a financial disclosure report with the U.S. Department of Labor. The Chicago Sun-Times took a deep dive into the numbers, and it has caused a ruckus in the Windy City.