Denver Parents — Open Your Wallet for a $2.5 Million Teacher Union Lobby Day

That $2.5 million will not cover any child care expenses you may have on March 19 either.  That will be an additional charge.  Colorado Education Association’s Day of Action will be a paid day off thanks to a Big Labor Payback courtesy of school board Scott Balderman.   It will come as no surprise to anyone that Balderman was endorsed by the local Denver Classroom Teachers Association and pleaded their case before the board, whom, it seems, did reluctantly consent to the resolution.   Other school districts have already capitulated to the teacher union demand in any case.

Alan Gottlieb has the story on

Denver Public Schools, the state’s largest public school district, has cancelled school March 19. It’s a short-notice concession to the teachers union, allowing teachers to be paid for marching on the State Capitol and lobbying legislators during the Colorado Education Association’s Day of Action.

A resolution pushed by one of DPS’ new board members at the behest of the Colorado Education Association and unanimously approved by the school board Feb. 20 paved the way for the extra day off for teachers.