Educational Choice, Oregon Education Association Style

The Oregon Department of Education has knuckled under the Oregon Education Association’s (OEA) and other “labor allies’” demands that parents be prohibited from sending their children to any virtual charter school.

Brick and mortar public schools closed down March 16 in response to the coronavirus spread, many parents turned to what the perceived was the best alternative for their school age children – one of the 19 virtual public charter schools in Oregon.  Teacher union officials, however, already had their staffs and pitchforks at the ready, virtually storming the Oregon Department of Education demanding that students be prohibited from attending these schools which were serving approximately 14, 000 Oregon school children last Fall.

The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board commented:  “It could be worse. The state Department of Education originally contemplated closing down virtual public charters along with the brick-and-mortar schools, according to a March 24 PowerPoint presentation reviewed by the newspaper Willamette Week. Even during a national crisis, unions would rather deprive students of an education than see their charter-school competitors succeed.”

Teacher union officials have their priorities straight, and it’s not the kids.   It makes one wonder who rules the schools in Oregon.