Unions Organizing Child Care Givers in California

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill last year giving child care givers the right to organize.  It is no surprise the bill was cosponsored by  Service Employees International (SEIU) California which is which is now trying to organize these workers to pay dues to the union.

Mariana Dale has the story on the laist.com.

Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jerry Brown had vetoed similar legislation in the past.

Providers are voting through July 22 on whether to approve representation by Child Care Providers United to negotiate future labor contracts with the state. The votes will be tallied on July 24.

“I think there is some potential, with a collective voice, to get better reimbursement rates,” said Marcy Whitebook, founding director of the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment at the University of California, Berkeley.