Constitutional Right to Religious Freedom Denied by Union Officials

Employees forced under union representation are guaranteed certain rights. These include the right to religious freedom without being discriminated against. However, Transport Workers Union (TWU) union officials aren’t following the law and Allegiant airline flight attendant Annlee Post has been forced to file a lawsuit to protect her religious freedom.

From The Christian Post:

“The reason that we think the government’s involved, which implicates the Constitution, is because the government says that when employees vote in a union, that union then becomes the voice of all employees, becomes what’s called an exclusive representative,” Hutchinson explained. 

“And so, an individual employee like Ms. Post loses her right to negotiate for herself, for her terms and conditions of employment. And the reason that the union can take away the voice of individual employees is because of The Railway Labor Act in this context.” […]RYAN FOLEY, CHRISTIAN POST