Glenn Laird Sues Union for Pushing Political Agenda

Glenn Laird is a California Graphic Design teacher who was also a member of the United Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA). But after finding out that his dues money was going toward supporting a political agenda, Laird resigned and sued the union that he’s been a part of for nearly 40 years. UTLA was using the funds they take from members to support the “defund the police” movement. So in other words, union members’ hard-earned money was going toward political activity, whether they agree with it or not.

In an article posted by Zachary Stieber in NTD, Laird speaks out on his decision:

“I couldn’t in good conscience be a member and pay dues, knowing my money was supporting an anti-police agenda,” Laird said in a video statement.ZACHARY STEIBER, NTD

In the Complaint that was filed by Laird, it addresses violations of the Janus v. AFSCME ruling, as well as violations of the First Amendment.

“Under the First Amendment, the government cannot take money from public employees’ wages to pay union dues or fees without the employees’ voluntary and informed affirmative waiver of their First Amendment right to be free of compelled funding of objectionable speech, demonstrated by clear and compelling evidence,” it said.ZACHERY STEIBER, NTD

You can read the full article here.

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