San Francisco Teacher Unions Are In It For All the Wrong Reasons

More and more evidence is stacking up against teacher unions and their intentions. Teacher unions are supposed to support teachers and education, but it appears that the true priority is getting their hands on as much money as possible. Is anyone truly surprised by this though?

Research has indicated that in-person learning is not hazardous during these Covid times, and yet, many schools have refused to open back up. Online learning is also detrimental and not nearly as effective as in-person learning, but the teacher unions seem to not take that into consideration. They want to save every penny they can. But as soon as they have the opportunity to make a little extra money as long as they open schools back up, they do it!

A great example of the money-grabbing we’re talking about here is the public high schools in San Francisco. Since the start of Covid, high school seniors have not been allowed in-person learning. Instead, they’ve been forced to try to navigate remote learning, regardless of their home situation. The teacher unions were offered $2 billion in state funding if they met certain requirements for in-person schooling. In order to get the funding, they had to provide in-person classes for all elementary grades and for just one middle or high school grade.

So what did San Francisco schools do? They waited until the day before the deadline that schools had to open in order to receive the funds before they opened up classes to seniors, and seniors only. They made sure to wait until the last minute so they could save every penny they could, and then did the bare minimum in order to meet the requirements for being granted government funding.

It’s clear: teacher unions aren’t in it for the children or the education. They’re in it for the money.

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