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UFT Union Sues Vertex Academies Charter School

Vertex Academies is enrolling students soon in the Bronx, New York, with the goal of providing quality education to minorities. But teacher unions are trying to stop this.

From the Wallstreet Journal:

If you’re looking for proof that teachers unions don’t care about the interests of schoolchildren, you can find it in the impoverished Bronx neighborhood of Soundview. A school building on Beach Avenue has been shuttered for almost a decade, and the United Federation of Teachers is suing to keep it closed. […][Co-founder] Mr. Rowe is undaunted by the legal challenge. “There is no chance at all that we cannot open on Aug. 22,” he says. “We wouldn’t be spending $2 million to renovate this building if I weren’t confident we’d win. We wouldn’t be asking philanthropists to hand over their money and hiring staff.” 


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