Freedom and Privacy Have Flown Nevada School District

Another article demonstrating how unions do not speak for their members, here is another example of how union officials rope teachers into membership, then proceed to pick their pockets, all in the name of providing the so-called benefits teachers are paying dues for.

And another example of unions only playing at being unions – it looks like the Clark County Education Association (and the school district) is only masquerading as a union, but is really an insurance conglomerate. 

It is a disgrace, especially in Nevada, where the Right to Work Law allows teachers the freedom to choose whether or not to join a union.  There is no compulsion for teachers there.  Apparently the compulsion begins AFTER you’ve joined. It will be interesting to see how many teachers drop their membership as a result of this invasion of their privacy and compulsory union “sales” meetings.
Chip Moser has the story in Las Vegas City Life.

Recently, Clark County School District teachers have been forced by thug-like union tactics — threats of having their individual health benefits revoked — to sit down for a benefits review with the American Fidelity Assurance Co., an insurance conglomerate chosen to police teachers for the union and its Health Trust.

The pretext of this scheme is that they are trying to uncover teachers declaring ineligible dependents on their health benefits. However, it sure looks to me like a shell game to rake in money for American Fidelity and the Clark County Education Association, or the teachers’ union.

When asked if the union-backed Teachers Health Trust was using an independent insurance company to police teachers, a phone monkey at the Health Trust named Debbie said, “Yeah, it’d be fair to say that.” The union’s own documents certainly make it sound that way.