WSU faculty union seeks 10-year contract before right-to-work takes effect

Since the enactment of a Right to Work Law in Michigan, the Wayne State University faculty has taken to seeking desperate measures to keep forcing faculty to pay dues for another 10 years.  

David Jesse, Education Writer for the Detroit  Free Press, has the story:

Wayne State University’s faculty union wants to insert a 10-year provision into its contract to ensure it will continue to collect dues from faculty members even after the right-to-work law goes into effect this spring, according to a memo sent to union members earlier this month.

“Right-to-work was an attack on unions and we’re trying to defend ourselves the best we can,” said WSU faculty union president Charlie Parrish. The two sides are scheduled to resume talks today at 4 p.m.

The 10-year provision would be separate from a four-year contract the union proposed regarding wages and health benefits.

It also proposed a $1,000 signing bonus for employees and asked for a health insurance plan run by the Michigan AFL-CIO.