CEAFU Supporter Calls for Consequences to “Work to Contract” Instigators

CEAFU supporter Heidi Adsett, as part of a “Children’s Crusade,” calls for just consequences for teacher union officials instigating a “work to contract” action in her West Chester Area School District.

Heidi will be a keynote speaker, with stopteacherstrike.org founder Simon Campbell, at CEAFU’s 38th annual conference.

Look for the email which set Heidi onto the trail of this care less action by teacher union officials in tomorrow’s post.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 23, 2013 Heidi Adsett West Chester Area School Board Director Media Contact: hadsett@wcasd.net

Heidi Adsett condemns teacher Union “Work-To-Contract” intentions and seeks legislation to fire Union ringleaders