PA Teacher Union Official Urges “Work to Contract”

Continued from June 1 – Teacher union official’s exhortation to East High School teachers to abandon education in favor of the union priorities.

The Following E-Mail was Included in Adsett’s Press Release.  Relevant parts reprinted here.

From: Dan Burke (Email address redacted by Patch)

Date: May 16, 2013, 6:35:21 PM EDT To: [East High School Teachers]

Subject: WCAEA Update

Hello All! The last Rep Council meeting was this afternoon and I wanted to inform you of some important news:

1. As of July 1st, the association is asking you NOT to do any volunteering for the school. THIS IS NOT WORK TO CONTRACT! We are asking you not to come in over the summer or do anything that you are NOT paid to do. If you are being paid a supplemental or being blue carded, then proceed to do it. We just don’t want anyone to volunteer their time and efforts going past July 1st, until we get a contract. There will be more information regarding what to do and not do, as well as a possible last General Membership meeting to be held in early-June.

2. Sometime after September 3rd, we will probably have a week of “work-to-contract”. This means that we ONLY work from our start time to our end time…NO MORE THAN THAT! Same rules apply, as far as if you are getting a paid supplemental, you are expected to fulfill that duty. We are probably going to do one week of “work-to-contract” a month. If you have questions about what this means, feel free to contact me.

5. Tuesday’s In-service (May 21st)…please wear your red association t-shirts and remember to VOTE! If you live in the West Chester Area, or know someone that does, make sure they get to the polls!