Boston School District Accuses Teacher Union Officials of Blockng Reform

There is no doubt teacher union officials are in the business of representing teachers and not schoolchildren.  How else will they ever force all teachers to pay for unwanted representation?  This story is extraordinary because teacher union officials often have negotiated certain stipulations into the monopoly bargaining contract that protect teachers regardless of their ability to teach or perform.  The accusation, coming as it does, from the school district itself, is a James Vaznis of the Boston Globe reports on the Boston Teachers Union’s grievance with Boston schools over the teacher evaluation system.

The Boston Teachers Union has filed a grievance with the School Department over its teacher evaluation system, asking school officials to rescind the “offending evaluations and improvement plans” and to stop discriminating against employees on the basis of race, gender, or age.

The union announced the grievance Tuesday morning in its weekly newsletter. The School Department fired back in the afternoon, issuing a press release and posting tweets that called the grievance an attempt to “block reform.”