Teacher Union Officials’ Policies Turn Public Off

While teacher union officials spend millions on demonstrations and protests in the form of National Days of Action, the public is showing less and less enthusiasm for teacher union officials’ control of education.

The 2013 Education Next survey shows a combined 33% of the public believe teacher unions have a “strongly positive,” or “somewhat positive” effect on school reform.  An amazing 45% of the public believe teacher union officials, through their policies, have an “extremely negative” or  “somewhat negative” effect on school reform.

Do teacher unions really speak for their members?

Here are the figures from the survey:

Some people say that teacher unions are a stumbling block to education reform.  Others say that teacher unions fight for better schools and better teachers.  What do you think? Do you think teacher unions have a generally positive effect on schools, or do you think they have a generally negative effect?

PublicTeachersParentsAfrican AmericansHispanics
Strongly Positive Effect6%27%6%8%12%
Somewhat Positive Effect2629243228
Somewhat Negative Effect2623201220
Strongly Negative Effect17819713
Neither Positive nor Negative Effect2512304026