Now is the Time for Independent Educators

Teacher union membership has decreased significantly in the past few years, paving the way for teacher freedom.  If you are a union member who would like to resign your membership, CEAFU has all of the information you need to resign “correctly,” and resources to find alternatives to union membership for your professional and liability insurance needs.

The National Right to Work Committee is working to free teachers from unwanted membership requirements by launching campaigns in Missouri, Kentucky and Pennsylvania to pass Right to Work laws, which would allow teachers to teach in freedom.

Contact us for more information on our webpage,, or check out The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation’s “Get Your Refund” on Facebook.

Here are some hard facts on teacher union membership from PoliticoPro.

More significant is the demographic shift. Waves of Baby Boomer teachers have retired in recent years and been replaced by hundreds of thousands of rookies. Half of all teachers in classrooms today have been on the job for 10 or fewer years. And those newcomers have very different views from the veterans and retirees who typically dominate union politics.

More than 70 percent of teachers on the job less than a decade are interested in changing the traditional salary scale, which rewards educators for longevity rather than performance. Just 41 percent of more veteran teachers back such reforms, according to a national survey last year by the organization Teach Plus. The poll documented similar gulfs in opinion about revamping teacher evaluations and pensions.