UPDATE: Nearly 17,000 Wisconsin Workers Did Not Support Their Union

From the MacIver Institute, the latest figures on union recertification elections:

The MacIver Institute calculated the total number of members that voted “No” and those that simply did not vote. Since public unions are required to get 51 percent of their members to vote in favor of recertifying each year, a non-vote is essentially a no vote.

In total, government workers rejected 81 school district unions during the re-certification elections that ended on Thursday. The above map shows where each decertified union is located in the state. Some school districts had multiple collective bargaining units, so many of the dots represent more than one union.

Support staff and teachers made up the largest groups of workers to oppose recertification. Of the more than 80 unions decertified, 22 represented support staff and 22 represented teachers.

Rep. Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) said he is happy that Act 10 gave workers a voice when it comes to being in a union.

“It is giving workers a choice,” August told the MacIver News Service. “If you want to work for your school district, you want to work for your municipality, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a member of a union.”