Stanford University Chairman Terry Moe on Teacher Unions

In conjunction with last week’s blog from Mike Antonucci on NEA union officials’ disconnect with their members, let us not forget what education is all about:  serving the needs of student.

From his groundbreaking book, Special Interest, Stanford University Chairman of Political Science Terry Moe’s words explains how teacher union officials do not serve the interests of students.

Like all special interest groups, they [The National Education Association and its affiliate teacher union officials] try to put the best face on their activities.  They say that what is good for teachers is good for kids.  And as a matter of public relations they need to say that.  But the simple fact –and it is indeed just a straightforward fact — is that they are not in the business of representing the interests of children.  They are unions.  They represent the job-related interests of their members and these interests are simply not the same as the interests of children.