Kenosha School District Will Follow Act 10

Kenosha School district officials will follow Act 10 guidelines.  Deneen Smith has the story in the Kenosha News.

Despite a notice from the Kenosha Education Association, union dues will not be automatically deducted from teachers’ paychecks, according to Kenosha Unified School District administration.

“Our position is that KUSD will not be deducting dues unless we receive written authorization from an employee to do so,” said Interim Superintendent Joe Mangi. “We are not going to alter anyone’s paycheck without their permission.”

The union posted a notice Friday saying that payroll deduction for both member and “fair share” dues would begin Feb. 19. The union has said that payroll deduction should begin because a new contract was approved by the School Board.

However, Sheronda Glass, Unified’s executive director of business services, said the district has consistently told union leadership that it would not do automatic deductions. She said administration first gave notice in December that it would not automatically deduct dues.

“We have spoken to Joe Kiriaki (KEA executive director) numerous times about this, and we have made our position clear,” Glass said. “We don’t want to mess with anyone’s paycheck and deduct dues unless we have a court order saying we have to do so.”