Democrat Eva Moskowitz is All for the Kids

However, her stance on charter schools has New York City teacher union bosses aiming to destroy the progress she’s made, but she is a stalwart fighter for what she knows is right – for the kids.  Matthew Kaminski has her story in the Wall Street Journal.

How did Ms. Moskowitz, a hero to thousands of New Yorkers of modest means whose children have been able to get a better education than their local public schools offered, end up becoming public enemy No. 1?

She is the city’s most prominent, and vocal, advocate for charter schools, and therefore a threat to the powerful teachers union that had been counting the days until the de Blasio administration took over last month from the charter-friendly Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Assailed by Mayor de Blasio and union leaders, Ms. Moskowitz is fighting back with typically sharp elbows.

“A progressive Democrat should be embracing charters, not rejecting them,” she says. “It’s just wacky.