NY Teacher Union Defies Police, Protects Heroin-Using School Teacher; Parents Furious

Here’s another example of teacher union bosses protecting their own interests over that of the students and the public.  It seems teacher union bosses of Fallsburg, New York, now have authority over even the police.  Union officials in the town are blocking police attempts to find a drug user by refusing to allow the suspects to be tested for the presence of drugs.   Parents are understandably furious with the union bosses over the debacle.  Michelle Dorstewitz has the story in BizPacReview Online.

New York parents were outraged to hear that an elementary school teacher had been shooting up heroin while on the job — and the teacher’s union representing him is thwarting efforts to reveal his identity.  A school employee found heroin and drug paraphernalia in the faculty lounge at Benjamin Cosor Elementary School on Fallsburg, N.Y., on two separate occasions, according to Fox News

When police narrowed the list of culprits, the teachers union refused to allow them to be drug tested. Of the eight the police were investigating, only one non-union employee submitted to testing.

A letter informing parents of the incident only disclosed that an “employee of the District found drugs and related paraphernalia in a school rest room.” It failed to mention that the drug was heroin, that it was found more than once and that it was discovered in the faculty lounge.